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About Judy Henry


Our founder, Judy Henry is a skilled herbal practitioner and educator in the Wise Woman Tradition which is a gentle, nurturing and holistic approach to health. Judy has been practising herbal medicine for over 25 years.

Judy has a deep and intimate relationship with the plants as she lovingly grows, harvests with honour and makes spirited full spectrum medicines for her patients on her 24-acre herb farm in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

These wonderful herbal medicines and more are sold though her mail-order herb business, Judy’s Organic Herbs, Canada’s favourite source for organic/wildcrafted herbs, herbal preparations and quality health products.

Judy offers Herbal Wellness Consultations where she takes the time to carefully listen to her patients, taking a full medical history to identify the underlying cause of their health issues. She utilizes her knowledge base, diagnostic skills and heeds guidance from the plant spirits as she analyses each case, designs personal protocols for her patients and creates custom herbal tinctures and teas.

She loves to teach about how to achieve vibrant health using herbs that grow around us in her herb workshops and Wild Herb Walks. These classes are full of information about health, plant identification, growing, harvesting, making medicines and how to use them.

Guidance is also offered during e-mail or telephone consultations. Her apprentices have experienced even deeper lessons as they work together on a weekly basis.

Judy’s love of nature, people and the plants is obvious as she shares the knowledge and wisdom of her elders and her green friends.